Memorial Site Memorial Site

The memorial site was created:

  • to be a central point for finding information on those members who died on or after 21 March 1990;
  • to visit and share feelings, pride, respect and honour in memory of those that gave their all, and
  • to be a visible sign of commemoration where the Namibian Police can pay homage to members who died in the execution of duties.
  • The Police Memorial is built at the Israel Patrick Iyambo Police College.
  • The site is erected in a circle with a black memorial monument in the centre.


Police Memorial Police Memorial

Police Monument

John 19:16 "Thou shall never be forgotten"

This section serves as a way the Namibian Police Force commemorates those who have lost their lives in line of duty.

A coloured police badge is mounted on the upper part of the monument.

A "Helvitian Cross" in brass, superimposed thereon the words "NOT FORGOTTEN" in the horizontal centre of the cross.

  • The cross will be mounted on a wreath with embellishments.
  • The words "NOT FORGOTTEN" is also inscribed above the cross.

At the foot of the monument the words "TO THOSE WHO DIED IN SERVICE" appear.

The monument will be surrounded by trees to give it a dignified appearance.

Roll of Honor
  • A Roll of Honour, consisting of an Index and Album, will be kept by the Human Resources Directorate and placed at the Israel Patrick Iyambo Police College.
  • Particulars will be entered by the Commandant, Israel Patrick Iyambo Police College on a written instruction from the Inspector-General of the Namibian Police.

Download the PDF document Roll Of Honor

Salute and Respect

  • Any person entering the memorial must pay respect while standing on the first step of the pathway.
  • Civilian persons or police officers in civilian clothes will only stand to attention, bow his/her head and enter.
  • Members in uniform will salute before entering.
  • When leaving the memorial, the member must turn to the memorial, salute, make a turnabout and march out.
  • No fire arms are allowed.


The names of the members who died in the execution of police duty, will appear on the memorial wall.


  • "Execution of police duty" means any
  • The person must be a member.
  • action which a member is obliged or authorized by law, rule, regulation, written condition of service to perform, or for which the officer is compensated.
  • "Killed in the execution of police duty" means a member who died as a direct and proximate result of a personal injury sustained in the execution of duty.