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Omaheke Region: Crime Report Omaheke Region: Crime Report

  • On 15 March 2015 at around 01h00 in Damara Block Epako, It is alleged that the victim was with her friends and their boy friend at a concert at Epako hall when the victim decided to go home. The suspect who was in Group Company and who allegedly did not have a girlfriend followed the victim, and allegedly propose the victim to accompany her to his room, which the victim refused. It is further alleged that the suspect then grabbed the victim pushed her to the ground undressed her and had sexual intercourse with her against her will. The victim is a 16years old Namibian Female and the alleged perpetrator who is arrested is 22 years old.

Omaheke Regional Commander Omaheke Regional Commander

Regional Commander: Omaheke Region

Comm. Andreas Haingura

Tel: +264 62 566 101

Cell: +264 81 277 8743


Duties Duties

The Regional Commander will be responsible to the Inspector-General:
  • The proper distribution of the authorized establishment;
  • Assigning members, the allotment of duties and the administration connected there to;
  • Control and supervision of members,maintenance of lawand order.
  • Prevention and investigation of crime and maintenance of discipline within the region, and the
  • Performance of any duty assigned by the Inspector- General.
  • The Regional Commander is the Commanding Officer of all members within a region.The Regional Headquarters is the administrative centre a region and, with the exception of a few units; it is also responsible for the Government Property Account.