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The Namibian Police Force was established by Act of Parliament and resorts under the Ministry of Safety and Security. It is headed by the Inspector General who is appointed by the President of the Republic of Namibia in terms of Article 32(4)(c)(bb) of the Namibian Constitution.

The Force consists of officers and non-officers appointed under the Police Act by the Inspector General of the Namibian Police Force and includes reservists while serving in the Force and any temporary and auxiliary members. Every police officer falls under a certain respective directorate.

Hence, a Directorate can not carry out its fuctions/responsibilities by itself alone thus, there exisit a SWARM intelligence among Directorates so that every NAMPOL duties are coherently approached with great justice from all parties.

Every Directorate is comprised of legislative authorities that the INSPECTOR GENERAL OF POLICE, acting through his/her Commissioners, has authorization to plan, design, and implement certain types of policing projects.  Each Directorate has its own program authority and strict limits on the federal contribution.