Our Future Overview Our Future Overview

Our Future Overview

To help people overcome almost a century of hatred and mistrust, the Government of the Republic of Namibia adopted the policy of National Reconciliation shortly after independence. National reconciliation was considered the only realistic policy for cultivating a national ethos in a society that was for over a century racially and ethnically stratified.

The policy of Affirmative Action that was also adopted shortly after independence has largely removed the inherited inequity in access to opportunities in a once divided society.

Since the country gained independence in 1990, great strides have been made in promoting unity, nation-building and socio-economic development. Apartheid laws have been repealed and provision has been made for the protection and upholding of fundamental human rights in the Namibian society. Access to health services and education has improved and Namibians play an increasing role in the country's fisheries and mining sectors through the economic empowerment of the Namibian people by granting them fishing quotas and mining concessions.

The challenge that remains for the nation is to join hands and march forward in unity. Although there will be difficulties along the way, Namibians will persevere and with hard work and as a united nation we shall conquer every challenge and overcome every obstacle.