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Media Overview

Freedom of expression, including freedom of the media and a mixed economy, providing for public, private and joint venture ownership are guaranteed in the Namibian Constitution.

The National News Agency of Namibia (NAMPA) was established as a national news agency responsible for the distribution of local, regional and international news.

With its relatively small population, Namibia boasts eleven regular newspapers, of which five appear daily (New Era, The Namibian, Allgemeine Zeitung, Namibian Sun and Die Republikein), and six weekly (Namibia Economist, Informanté, Namibia Today, Windhoek Observer and The Southern Times).

New Era is the government subsidised newspaper, established after independence to assist with the task of nation building, socio-economic development, popularising the country's national symbols and giving a voice to the previously neglected rural communities.

The Southern Times, published by NamZim Newspapers Pty (Ltd) is a regional Sunday newspaper, established as a joint venture between the New Era Publications Corporation of Namibia and its Zimbabwean counterpart to cover news in Southern Africa from an African perspective.

Except for Namibia Today, which is the mouthpiece of the ruling SWAPO Party, the remaining newspapers are all privately owned.

The public broadcaster, the Namibian Broadcasting Corporation (NBC) offers nine radio language services (National Radio, Afrikaans Service, Damara/Nama Service, German Service, Oshiwambo Service, Otjiherero Service, Rukavango Service, Tirelo Ya Setswana Service and San Service), and one television channel (NBC TV).

The liberalisation of the broadcasting sector in Namibia led to the mushrooming of commercial radio stations (e.g., Radio 99, Radio Energy, Kosmos Digital Namibia, Radion Wave, Radio Kudu, Omulunga Radio, West Coast FM and Flamink Waves) and community radio stations (e.g., Katutura Community Radio, Ohangwena Regional Council Community Radio, Media for Christ (Channel 7), Radio Eclesia Namibia, Unam Hit Radio and Live FM Rehoboth) in the country.

Five commercial television stations (MultiChoice Namibia, Downlink Namibia, One Africa Television, Paragon Investment Holdings: Channel 4, and Digital Cable Television) and three community television stations (Tsumeb Municipality, Trinity Broadcasting Namibia and WUM Properties) operate in Namibia.