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Head: Communications Head: Communications

Head: Communications Directorate
   Commissioner: W.N. Nahole

      Tel: +264 61 209 3277

Cell: +264811246122


  Duties and Responsibilities

To provide for timely, effective and reliable communication needs in the Force.

Commissioner's Message Commissioner's Message

The Head of the Communications Directorate would like to officially inform all NAMPOL members to know that our network would not allow anyone to access public mail servers other than Nampol's OUTLOOK mail server. This is done to avoid the use of personal mails to sent/receive official mails. If you do not have an official e-mail address (NAMPOL), Kindly contact Communications Helpdesk at Tel +264 61 209 3523/3524 or e-mail or alternatively

Communications Objectives Communications Objectives


  • The Directorate's strategy has three layers: Business Needs (understanding policing challenges), Enabling Strategies (meeting the business needs), Technology Architecture (ICT led infrastructure). The directorate contributes to a single support services view of what matters to make policing more effective now and in the future. The directorate then works together with the rest of the Force to use technology and business change to enable that future.
  • The Directorate has responsibility for the maintenance and support of a complex Radio and ICT infrastructure, continual improvements and the delivery of new projects. This is achieved via a technical pool of resources. The resources contain two types of police staff roles: Technical Specialists – who provide specialist knowledge to a high level of proficiency who are involved in complex activity and Technical Support Officers– who are more flexible staff who move with the changing workload and add value.
  • Working in a police staff role in ICT you will be an enabler to front line policing. You will be supporting the business needs of the directorate's change work and the rapid responsiveness of service delivery. You will be empowered to ensure that the service is providing value for money and everyone is effective and efficient.