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Head: Human Resources Head: Human Resources

Head: Human Resources Directorate

Comm. Abed Kashihakumwa

Tel: +264 209 3327

Cell: +264 81 203 0464



 Duties & Responsibilities:

The management of the human capital is wide and vital in determining how many  people are needed for the organization to achieve its objectives.  This entails:

  • Balancing the supply of and demand for employees;
  • Matching the talent and skills of employees with those required by the organization;
  • Creating a working environment that fosters high employee performance;
  • Matching the projected human resource needs with projected human resources available;
  • Keeping proper and accurate personnel records; and
  • Meeting the pay and improving service benefits and needs of employees

Services Services

Staff Movement
  • Transfer
  • Medals


  • External Sourcing
  • Internal Sourcing
  • Budget
  • Salary
Human Resource Planning
  • Administration