Police Day Police Day

The Namibian Police Force 24th Anniversary





The Graduation of 966 Cadet constables and the Launch of Turn back Crime Campaign on 20th February 2015

  • It took the whole combined teams of the Namibian Police Force not even a month to put everything on rail and make the event a very sounding success on the 20th February 2015 which took place at Oshakati Independence Stadium.
  • As per Namibian Police Force Culture, Namibian Police Force before the main event new Cadet Constables display their drilling skills and Police Technics acquired during their training at Ruben Danger Ashipala's Training Centre in Ondangwa. Whereby this has also become a combination of displaying Namibian Police Force's capabilities show casing its strength such as Vehicles, Airpower, and many more at its disposal.
  • The onlookers flocked to the streets of Ongwediva and Oshakati to witness the commendable Strong Namibian Police Force led by both the Deputy Inspector General for Operations Major General James Tjivikua and Oshana Regional Commander Commissioner Ndahangwapo Kashihakumwa who were on the lead during the street March.
  • Proudly waving to the Public onlookers on the sides of the Ongwediva and Oshakati Streets, the public ululated by excitement and proudness of their sons and daughters whom they know will add to the number of the existing Law Enforcement officers dedicated to serve the nation as well going extra miles to make Namibia a free crime society, as well as complying with their Vision of Protecting and Serving the Namibian people and all those found within the boundaries of the Republic of Namibia.

By: W/O. Lazarus