Introduction Introduction


  • As per the Inspector General of the Namibian Police Lieutenant General S.H. Ndeitunga's initiative to bring Nampol services closer to the community, Khomas Regional Community Affairs is proud to announce that the following police information desks were setup.
  • These desks are strategically located at various places, where the public can easily access them, such as Maerua Mall, Central Business District (Wernhill Park), Eros Airport and Hosea Kutako International Airport. The police information desk is aimed to provide the community with information and support related to community policing services.


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Community Affairs Community Affairs

  • To bring our services to the Community.
  • Provide community with quality services and relevant information
  • To strengthen the communications and partnership with the community.


Preventing Crime & Enhancing Community Safety:

  • We are committed to preventing crime and increasing community policing strategies that focuses on setting up of working groups or neighborhood watch, and encouraging community members to report suspicious activities. The police information desk will be the starting point where community members can give report and description of any suspicious activity taking place in the surrounding.
  • The presence of police at a Mall or Airport simultaneously serves to discourage criminal activities from takung place such as shoplifting, pickpocketing and ultimately prevents tourist from becoming victim of crimes
  • This approach would also help make community members to become security conscious, because we will provide them with first-hand information regarding their safety.

Promoting Community Involvement:
  • We are committed to further enhancing the delivery of our services by providing strong customer service, strengthening communications with the community, promptly addressing community concerns, and engaging in collaborative community partnerships
  • One of the primary functions of information desk is to encourage people to form neighborhood watch or working groups as well as to administer registration of community working groups.


We will provide information about:

  • Social problem solving and orientation
  • Traffic fines, Warrant of arrest
  • Road safety tips
  • Tourism safety information
  • Certifying and commissioning documents
  • Calls for service

We will strive to serve the diverse needs and interest of the community by providing them with first-hand information and services related to policing, particularly community policing.

Community Programmes:

Introduction and registration of Youth Programs

Registration of Working groups/Neighborhood watch programs e.g.

  • Women & men network against crime
  • Neighborhood watch programs
  • Church leaders against crime
  • Senior citizens against crime
  • Taxi drivers against crime
  • Business community against crime
  • Musicians against crime