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  1. The first normal policing in the country was done by the German "Kaiserliche  Schutztruppe" as part of their overall responsibilities.
  2. However on 1st MARCH 1905 the first police for was established in the form of the "Kaiserliche Landespolizei fur Deutsch Sudwestafrika.
  3. During 1907 this force reached an establishment of 400 members and during the same year it took delivery of its first motor vehicle.  However, the horse and camel remains for years the standard means of transport.  Camels were mostly used at places like Stampriet, Tsinsabis and Witdraai.  The last camels were withdrawn from service just after the Second World War.
  4. The period of policing by the "Landespolizei" ceased with the South African invasion during the First World War, where after policing again falls within a military formation.  Five regiments of the South African Mounted Rifleman stayed in the country on garrison and policing duties after the withdrawal of the South African Main Force.
  5. In the meantime the recruiting of a military police force commenced in Bloemfontein (South Africa) and during February 1916, the new force took over the policing function with 52 officers and 1100 other ranks.
  6. Also during 1916 a Training Centre with 16 instructors was established for training of the members who were mostly young and inexperienced.  They were subjected to a five months intensive training course.  The Training Centre also trained police dogs which followed in the footsteps of the "Landespolizei" who also used dogs for detection purposes.
  7. The military police force was disbanded on 31 December 1919 and the members were taken up in the South West African police force.
  8. A detective unit was established during May 1920.
  9. Mounted police patrols in the Khomas Hochland normally lasted for three weeks at a time and some of the camel patrols, lasted as long as 65 days.
  10. During 1939 the South West African police force was disbanded and the policing responsibility was taken over by the South African Police.
  11. On 1st April 1981 the policing function was carried over by the South African Police to a newly established South West African Police force.
  12. On the 21st March 1990 the country became independent and together with the newly born Namibian nation, that was also the birth of the new Namibian Police Force.
  13. The information above was verified with the National Archives of the Ministry of Basic Education & Culture.



Vision & Mission Vision & Mission

Vision & Mission


"To protect and serve all people in Namibia".


"To render the necessary quality service, as laid down in the Police Act, with due consideration for the fundamental human rights and freedoms, without compromising in upholding the tenets of law and order, safety and security of all persons."


The Namibian Police Force upholds and maintains, with a firm commitment, by following the Values listed below:

To deliver quality services.

To uphold the principles of the rule of law, national commitment and unwavering patriotism.

To respect the supreme law of the Republic of Namibia.

To be accountable to the nation and the community we are serving.