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Head: Training & Development Head: Training & Development


Head: Training and Development Directorate

Comm. Monaliza Molebugi

Tel: +264 61 209 3259

Cell: +264 81 251 5978

Email: MMolebugi@Nampol.na

 Duties & Responsibilities:

  • Training and Development Directorate is entrusted with the responsibilities to ensure that training and development takes place to enhance efficiency and effectiveness in policing activities.

Development Development

Staff & Curriculum Development
  • Quality Assurance
  • Staff Development
  • Curriculum development

Objectives Objectives


  • The Police Colleges are to provide basic training to police students, advance training, in-service training and on the job training to members and officers of the Force and also to render training assistance to other government Departments and institutions. It has broadened its scope of training to equip of particular importance investigators with legal knowledge in order for these people to carry out their respective duties with confidence.
  • As an organisation established under Article 115 of the Constitution by the Act of Parliament we are constitutionally mandated to serve the nation. We are therefore, guided by the Police Act and the regulations made there under to carry out our functions. It is a service oriented organization and therefore it requires the service of good, intelligent and educated persons to run its service.

2.Recruitment and Appointments

  • The Inspector General of the Namibian Police shall appoint persons who are fit and qualified to be members of the force, based on the following requirements:
  • The person must be a Namibian citizen.
  • The person must be at least 18 year of age and not older than twenty five (25) years, unless he/she is in possession of a relevant Diploma or degree which delayed his/her application for appointment.
  • The person must furnish proof of good character (e.g. loyalty and honesty).
  • The person must submit herself/himself to a medical examination.
  • The person must allow his/her fingerprints to be taken - to determine whether he/she is having any criminal records.