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The Law Enforcement Agencies are: The Law Enforcement Agencies are:

General Contact Number, Tel: +264 61 204 9111

General Contact Number, Tel: +264 61 207 1111

General Contact Number, Tel: +264 61 435 4000

General Contact Number, Tel: +264 61 292 9111

General Contact Number, Tel: +264 61 209 9111

General Contact Number, Tel: +264 61 284 6111

General Contact Number, Tel: +264

To learn more about how you can help, contact Inspector Christina Fonsech at cellphone 0812270452 / 0812604444. All participation is welcome!


Community Affairs Community Affairs


Community Concern Community Concern

Crime is a concern and a threat to a peaceful environment

  • As it affect the normal lives of the citizens and it has also a potential to scare potential investors. A community concern can be identified as a concern or issue brought to the attention of the police by residents of the community.
  • In order to manage and control crime, the police in Khomas Region have setup crime prevention strategies which will focus on the role that the police in the region can and should play in integrated efforts to reduce crime and build safety in communities.
  • Police Officers play an intergral part in keeping our communities safe, and without them, everyone would sleep less soundly at night. But there are other individuals in our community who have a part in keeping it safe as well and these are community members. These community members Nampol coverts some to become neighbourhood watch members at their own discretion. Neighbourhood watch members and homeowners who are aware of their neighbourhood also play an important part in maintaining the security of our streets, together they work hard to protect our communities and alert the police of all criminal activities happening.
  • The police in Khomas Region are working in collaboration with various members of the community, both business and residential as well as with all Law Enforcement Agency in order to address security related matters, share information pertaining to crime and other security matters, plan joint operation, coordinate daily activities and narrow the gap of communication breakdown.