Report Crimes Report Crimes

   Toll Free Number


Dial 10111 Country wide.

Call: 228383 / 230765 (WHK)

Call: 302302 / 4444 (sms) City Police

0819682 MVA

222888 / Traffic Violation


Join a neighbourhood watch group in your area Join a neighbourhood watch group in your area

   Public Support

        What you can do to assist 
  • Establish neighbourhood watch forums
  • Join a neighbourhood watch group in your area.  If there is no group in your area, start one!
  • Be a partnership institution by assisting a neighbourhood watch group in your area
  • Become a reservist
  • Report crimes by alerting police of any criminal activity in your community
  • Do not harbour criminals 
  • Do not buy suspicious goods

Vision & Mission Vision & Mission

Vision & Mission


"Excellent policing for a safe Namibia".


"To deliver quality law enforcement services to the public, as laid down in the Police Act, with due consideration for the fundamental human rights and freedoms, without compromising in upholding the tenets of law and order, safety and security of all persons."


The Namibian Police Force upholds and maintains, with a firm commitment, by following the Values listed below:

To deliver quality services.

To uphold the principles of the rule of law, national commitment and unwavering patriotism.

To respect the supreme law of the Republic of Namibia.

To be accountable to the nation and the community we are serving.

Make your region safe Make your region safe

   Women & Men Network

This is one of NamPol's Community Policing initiatives. The Network is a police volunteer organisation, made up of men and women who assist the Namibian Police Force in combating crime within their respective regions. The members of the network voluntarily use their time, knowledge and experience to assist the law enforcement agencies to make their regions safer, more secure and law abiding.